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        Digital Sound Detector
        Leak Noise Correlator
        Metal Pipe and Cable Locator
        Metal Locator
        Marker Locator
        Non-Metallic Pipe Locator
        Pipe and Cable Locator
        Portable Water Pressure Recorder
        Water Leak Detector
        Ultrasonic Flowmeter
          Detection of underground pipe water leakage, utilities and Non-Revenue Water can be achieve with Fuji Tecom water leak detector, pipe and cable locator and leak detection equipment.

        Kensains Malaysia is the authorised representative for sales and services of Fuji Tecom products. Combining the use of Digital Listening Stick, Water Leak Ground Microphones, Pipe and Cable Locators, Leak Noise correlators, Water Pressure Loggers and Flowmeters, the operator can quickly find the source of water leaks to rectify the problems.

        Establish for 50 years and through continuous research and development in the field of water leak detection equipment and utility location equipments, Fuji Tecom offers the best, reliable and user friendly products for water leak detection, non-revenue water management and underground pipe and cable locators.
          Digital Sound Detector

        Well-suited to leak detection work on pipe of PVC and PE.
        Detection of leak sound by checking numerically displayed sound
        level on LCD and listening to sound quality through headphone

          Leak Noise Correlator

        Advanced High-Speed digital processing and sturdy
        composition with the easy operation. The leak noise correlator LC-2500
        provides a quick solution by pinpointing location of a leak on all type of pipe.

        Metal Pipe and Cable Locator

        Metal Pipe and Cable Locator

        One –handed operation with keys and the Receiver weighing only 2.0 kilogram do not fatigue the Operator during the work for many hours.


        Metal Locator


        Advanced design of the F-90M Metal Locator contains a re-set function for
        storing and comparing measurements eliminating the need for adjustment sensitivity includes a waterproof search antenna that can locate metal objects under more than a foot of water.


        Marker Locator

        The Fuji MLH-1 Marker locator with it’s electronic markers enables simple location of buried utilities even in highly congested environments, providing
        exact location through audible and visual meter display
        of the devise.

        Non Metalic Pipe Locator - NPL-100

        Non-Metallic Pipe Locator

        The new NPL-100 non-metallic pipe locator is a further developed version
        of the PL-130 well-reputed in the water supply industry and has the automatic adjustment function for tuning in a resonance frequency of each pipe. The NPL-100 can locate not only the non-metallic pipes but also the metallic pipes including the metallic pipes with insulting joints.

        Pipe & Cable Locator - PL-2000 - Fuji Tecom


        Pipe and Cable Locator

        Equipped with 3 different frequencies so that the operator can choose the best frequency for each site. The depth of buried metallic line utility is automatically measured and indicated on the LCD display by pressing the depth measurement key.


        Portable Water Pressure Recorder

        Now you can take all possible measures to ensure the water pressure control with only two different FJN-501 Recorders type A and C.

        The FJN-501 A Type measures by hour in 4, 12, 24, 72 and 168 hours.
        The FJN-501 C Type measures by minute in 15, 30 and 60 minutes.

        Water Leak Detection Equipment - DNR-18 - Fuji Tecom  

        Water Leak Detector

        This newest detector can process the leak sound digitally and can reduce traffic noise or others disturbing your leak detection-work. DNR-18 featuring an original Noise Reduction System enables the operator to pinpoint difficult to find leaks in noisy environments during the day.

        Water Leak Detector - HG-10All - Fuji Tecom  

        Water Leak Detector

        HG-10AII Water Leak Detector designed on ergonomics and upgraded on the HG-10 well-reputed among professionals. All Keys have been arranged in the oblique lines faced to the hand of operator. The Large Control Knob is designed to be turned by a finger. The Large Meter deflects to be seen well and also indicates the residual power of Battery. The Amplifier of only 800g does not fatigue the operator on site.

        Water Leak Detection Equipment - LD-7 - Fuji Tecom  

        Water Leak Detector

        The compact water leak detector of only 450gm designed for one-handed
        operation does not fatigue the operator working on a site for many hours.


        Ultrasonic Flowmeter

        Measurement fluid: Water, hot-water, distilled water, alcohol, milk, ethanol
        or other uniform liquid in which ultrasonic waves can propagate. The measurement data can be stored in a SD memory card for a long time. Designed for 12 hours of continuous operation with its own built-in battery.

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